About Me

Maryam Masoumi
Maryam Masoumi was born on March 14, 1987 in Tehran. She holds a bachelor of political science and also has been graduated of the acting and directorate at Hamid Samandarian’s Academy. She also has studied photography and scriptwriting.
For the first time in 2010, she entered acting in TV series with a short presence in a successful TV series called “Distances” (Faseleha), directed by Hossein Soheilizadeh. Later, she was featured in the comedy series “Equal shares” (3 Dong, 3 Dong), directed by Shahed Ahmadloo.
In 2013, she experienced her first cinematic role-playing by acting in Kamran Ghaldakchian’s movie, called “Shemroun alleys”.
She has already been featured in eight movies. Her latest play was in the “Dreamy Holidays” TV series (2018), directed by Hossein Soheilizadeh.
Maryam Masoumi is also active in social responsibility affairs. She has been introduced as one of the ambassadors of Down Syndrome.

Labyrinth (Amir Hossein Torabi / 2018)
Apache (Arash Moayyerian / 2018)
Song (Mehdi Sahebi / 2017)
Khaltur (Arash Moayyerian / 2017)
Doll House (2016)
Sleepless Horses (Shahram Asadzadeh / 2014)
Shemroon alleys (Kamran Ghadakchian / 2010)
Be ethical (Masoud Atyabi / 2010)

TV series
Sweetheart (Siamak Khajevand / 2016)
The Border of Happiness (Hossein Soilizadeh / 2016)
39 weeks (Morteza Ahmadi Harandi / 2014)
Everything is there (Shahram Shah Hosseini / 2014)
Disturbing Adventures (Hossein Ghanaat / 2014)
Visible and Hidden (Arash Moayyerian & Shahram Shah Hosseini / 2013)
Equal Shares (Ahmedlo / Ahmedlo / 2011)
Distances (Hossein Soheilizadeh / 2010)

Home screen series
Recovery (2016)

Happened events (Shahram Abdoli / 2017)
Chelchela (Abbas Abdullah Zadeh / 2017)
Fidel’s death (Arash Sanjabi / 2016)